Jingzhe Ma


About Me

Hello, my name is Jingzhe Ma (马京哲). I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Irvine. I received my PhD at the University of Florida in August 2017. I worked with Prof. Anthony Gonzalez and Prof. Jian Ge on dusty galaxies at high redshifts. My PhD thesis is on gravitationally lensed submillimeter galaxies and quasar 2175 Å dust absorbers, which are selected by their dust emission and dust absorption, respectively.

My research focuses on galaxy formation and evolution, from the early Universe to the Milky Way Galaxy that we live in today. I take a multi-wavelength approach to study the stellar, gas, metal, and dust content of galaxies. I have used observational data from both ground-based and space-based telescopes, including HST, Spitzer, Keck, Chandra, VLT, Herschel, MMT, ALMA etc.

Besides my professional life, I enjoy hiking, Zumba dancing, swimming, and going to concerts.

Contact:    jingzhem@uci.edu
                     2156 Frederick Reines Hall
                     Irvine, CA 92697